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Villa Rental in Fethiye

A villa rental in Fethiye was one of the best decisions my family and I made for our Turkish vacation last summer. After researching different accommodation options, we knew a villa would give us more space and freedom during our two-week stay. We wanted somewhere we could really relax and feel at home while exploring the beautiful coastline.

Why Villa Rental in Fethiye?

There are reasons to opt for a villa rental, in Fethiye for your holiday in Turkey. While hotels offer comfort they lack the sense of freedom and personal space that comes with having your villa. Renting a villa in Fethiye allows you to immerse yourself in the culture during your trip. You can prepare meals in your kitchen of dining out constantly unwind by the private pool without disturbances from other guests and bid farewell to concerns about noisy neighbors above or, below you!

Villa Rental in Fethiye

Additional advantages of choosing a rental in Fethiye include;

  • Enhanced privacy. Enjoy the villa to yourself rather than sharing common areas with other hotel guests. Say goodbye to walls!
  • Increased flexibility.. Go as you please without being constrained by check in or check out times. Enjoy sleeping in and unwinding more on your vacation.
  • space. Villas typically feature bedrooms allowing you to accommodate family or friends comfortably. Additionally they offer living spaces and kitchens compared to hotel rooms.
  • Cost effectiveness. Opting for a rental directly often proves economical than booking multiple hotel rooms especially when traveling with a group. You save money while enjoying accommodations.
  • Staying in a villa gives you that feeling of being, at home even when you’re away. You have the convenience of a kitchen the option to do your laundry and the pleasure of relaxing on your furnished patio or balcony.
  • Villas often boast views of the ocean or mountains with some situated, on the beach! Immersing yourself in a villa nestled in a town can make you blend in effortlessly with the locals.

Where to Find the Best Villa Rental in Fethiye

There are plenty of choices when it comes to discovering and reserving a rental, in Fethiye. Here are some top suggestions;

Villa Rental in Fethiye
  1. Airbnb. Explore numerous villas available for rent on Airbnb in Fethiye. You can check out feedback from guests. Often secure a better deal compared to booking directly through an agency.
  2. Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO). Similar to Airbnb. Focused on vacation rentals. Many Turkish villa owners showcase their properties here well.
  3. Local agencies. Search for agencies specifically located in Fethiye. They work on behalf of owners. Can assist you in finding the ideal spot and organizing check in/out details.
  4. Directly from the owner. Reach out to villa owners directly through their websites or Facebook pages. They might offer prices than booking via a middleman. Just be sure to read reviews
  5. Online travel platforms. Websites like and Expedia also feature options for villas in Fethiye. Convenient for all your needs but you might stumble upon deals

When scanning through listings focus on; the location, number of bedrooms, amenities, reviews and naturally the price tag. It’s advisable to book ahead of time, for the summer months.

Top Neighborhoods for a Villa Rental in Fethiye

Fethiye is a large town but the best areas to base yourself for relaxing Turkish beach vibes are:

  • Calis Beach – Right on a beautiful sandy beach with clear waters. Villas have amazing sea views and you’re steps from restaurants and bars. More peaceful than central Fethiye.
  • Ovacik – A quiet residential area just north of Calis with panoramic views. Villas are tucked into hills above the water. Still walkable to beaches and nearby Hisaronu.
  • Hisaronu – A charming historic fishing village turned tourist spot. Cobblestone streets lined with boutiques and cafes. Close to gorgeous beaches yet feels removed from busy Fethiye center.
  • Gokkaya – Scenic hillside area above Hisaronu known for luxury villas. Wake up to unbeatable sea vistas every morning. More secluded and upscale than other areas.
  • Kayakoy – A fascinating abandoned “ghost town” just 15 mins from Fethiye. Rent a villa and explore this eerie open-air museum after hours. Peaceful nights with goats as neighbors.

Any of these neighborhoods will put you near gorgeous beaches, restaurants, activities and give an authentic Turkish village vibe that a hotel can’t compete with. Spend time researching locations when browsing villa rental in Fethiye options.

Activities to Enjoy from Your Villa Rental in Fethiye

Once settled into your dream villa rental in Fethiye, you’ll be in the perfect spot to take advantage of the amazing activities the region has to offer. Here are some top things to do without ever leaving the comforts of “home”:

  • Relax by the pool – What’s better than chilling by your private pool with a book and cold drink? Take dips to cool off and gaze at views.
  • Visit local beaches – Fethiye has over a dozen gorgeous sandy beaches within a 15 minute drive of town. Calis, Ovacik, Hisaronu beaches are favorites.
  • Kayaking/boating – Paddle along the coastline spotting hidden coves and taking dips. Many companies rent gear right from beaches.
  • Hiking – Explore trails winding through pine forests and up mountains with epic vistas of the Mediterranean.
  • Shopping/dining – Hop in the car or on a bus to explore Fethiye’s charming side streets filled with boutiques, restaurants and cafes.
  • Ancient sites – Visit Lycian rock tombs, amphitheaters and ruins scattered around the countryside dating back centuries.
  • Island hopping – Take a boat tour to secluded islands like Kayakoy for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing days.

With so much natural beauty right on your doorstep, you may not want to ever leave your villa rental in Fethiye. It’s the perfect homebase for relaxation or adventure – whatever your Turkish vacation vibe is about.

Tips for Renting the Perfect Villa Rental in Fethiye

To give yourself the best chances of finding and securing your ideal Turkish villa escape, keep these tips in mind:

  • Book 6+ months in advance for summer months like July-August. Earlier the better for top choices.
  • Consider off-season travel like May, June, September for better prices and smaller crowds.
  • Inquire about weekly/monthly discounts – Longer stays often save you money per night.
  • Negotiate with owners directly if booking last minute or in low season. They may go lower.
  • Ask lots of questions! – About amenities, capacity, noise levels, parking etc. Avoid surprises.
  • Read reviews thoroughly – Look for comments on cleanliness, location, WiFi quality, check-in process.
  • Use a booking site for protection if communicating directly with owners. Sites like Airbnb have your back.
  • Book villas with pools if traveling as a group or in hot summer. Private pools are worth it!
  • Request specific bedrooms/floors if traveling with kids or multiple families.

With a little planning, you’re sure to find the perfect laidback villa rental in Fethiye for your Turkish getaway. Relaxing times await!

Final Thought

Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or just as a couple, renting a villa rental in Fethiye is an unbeatable way to experience Turkish coastline living. You get all the comforts of home in some stunning seaside locations. Waking up to views of the Mediterranean every morning never got old for us.

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