Rent Property in Turkey

Flat Rental in Turkey

Have you ever dreamed of escaping winter and living somewhere warm for a while? As someone who has rented a flat rental in Turkey before, I can tell you it’s an amazing experience. Turkey has beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, and friendly people. Renting a place to stay is also very affordable compared to other European destinations.

When looking for your flat rental in Turkey, the first step is to decide where you want to be located. The country has so much to offer no matter where you end up, but different areas have their own unique vibes. The coasts like Bodrum and Antalya are perfect if you want to be right by the beach. Istanbul is an epicenter of culture with easy day trips outside the city. Cappadocia has those famous hot air balloon rides and underground cities carved from volcanic rock. Do some research on different regions and towns to pick your spot.


Finding Listings for Flat Rental in Turkey

Flat Rental in Turkey

Once you know the general area, it’s time to browse listings for flat rental in Turkey. The most popular websites internationally are, Airbnb, and VRBO. You’ll find a huge range of options from small studios to multi-bedroom apartments and villas. It’s easy to filter by location, number of guests, amenities, and of course price. Make sure listings clearly state if they are entire places, private rooms, or shared spaces. Read reviews from past guests too.

Beyond the big sites, expat communities on Facebook are a great resource. Groups like “Expats in Turkey” often have people renting out their places while abroad. Local Turkish sites like Sahibinden and Kiralikyer also have property listings but navigating them requires some Turkish language skills. Asking locals on the ground for recommendations through word-of-mouth is another low-tech way to find a place.

Inspecting Your Potential Flat Rental in Turkey

Flat Rental in Turkey

Once you have some choices it’s crucial to examine any apartment, for rent in Turkey before making a commitment. Even if an in person visit is not possible beforehand try to arrange a video call with the landlord or property manager. Request a tour to experience the ambiance of the space and its surroundings. Take note of factors like light, noise levels, cleanliness and available amenities.

If feasible allocate a days for on site visits before your long term stay. This will give you an understanding of what daily life could entail. Look out for issues such as mold, leaks or pest problems. Test out the appliances and fixtures. Familiarize yourself with the neighborhood at times of day well. It’s wise to refrain from signing any agreements or making payments until you are satisfied with your inspection. Trust your instincts. Don’t succumb to pressure to settle for a, below par location.


Negotiating the Deal for Your Flat Rental in Turkey

When you’ve found the perfect flat rental in Turkey, don’t be afraid to negotiate on things like price, length of stay or included utilities. Rates may be lower in spring and fall compared to peak summer season. Ask if weekly or monthly discounts are available for longer bookings. Determine what costs like electricity, water and internet are included too to avoid surprises later.

It’s also important to have a clear rental agreement in place. This spells out things like payment schedule, security deposit, permitted number of guests, check-in/out times and expectations for cleaning or damages. Make sure important details are translated if your Turkish language skills aren’t great. Have someone you trust double check any legal documents before signing. With open communication and clear expectations up front, you’ll avoid issues down the road.

Getting Settled into Your New Flat Rental in Turkey

Once moved into your dream flat rental in Turkey, it’s time to unwind and enjoy the experience! Stock up on essentials like groceries, toiletries and any travel documents or ID you may need. Test that appliances and utilities are working properly. Make note of any neighborly courtesies like quiet hours too.

Take time to explore your new neighborhood on foot. Find nearby markets, cafes, parks and transportation. Introduce yourself to shop owners so they can help if you ever have questions. Download translation apps to get around language barriers. Sign up for a Turkish SIM card if you’ll be using data on your phone abroad.


Before you know it, your flat rental in Turkey will feel like a home away from home. Use it as your base to discover all the amazing sights and experiences the country has to offer. With the right preparation and rental, living abroad for a while can be an unforgettable adventure!

Maintaining Your Flat Rental in Turkey

As a considerate renter, it’s important to keep your temporary home in good shape. Run the dishwasher or do loads of laundry on eco-friendly low-water cycles. Conserve energy by turning off lights and electronics when not in use. Take out trash frequently to avoid odors.

Should any issues arise with appliances, plumbing or fixtures, contact your landlord or property manager right away. Small problems are easier to fix when addressed promptly. Offer to pay for reasonable repairs not covered by normal wear-and-tear.

Before your checkout date, do a thorough cleaning of all areas including appliances, floors, windows and bathrooms. Take pictures for your records. Return any borrowed keys, gate remotes or parking passes. Get your security deposit back by leaving the place in top condition for the next renters. Your landlord will appreciate you being an excellent guest.


Final Thought

Before you know it, your time at your dream flat rental in Turkey will come to an end. Pack with fond memories rather than excess baggage! Reflect on all the amazing experiences, people and places your temporary home provided access to. Thank any landlords or friends who helped make it a great stay.

Consider returning again someday or renting elsewhere in Turkey. Once you’ve lived abroad comfortably before, it gets easier each time. Your first flat rental in Turkey is sure to leave you with itchy feet, a new global perspective and plenty of stories to share back home. Who knows – you may just find yourself considering a more permanent change after tasting international living!

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