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Property for Sale in Kalkan

If you are considering purchasing property for sale in Kalkan, you have come to the right place. We will look at why Kalkan makes an excellent location for foreign buyers, explore sample properties currently on the market, learn about life in the local community, and discuss financing options available.

A Brief Introduction to Kalkan

Property for sale in Kalkan

Kalkan is a beautiful coastal town located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey. Situated between Fethiye and Kaş along the Turkish Riviera. Kalkan is known for its gorgeous beaches, charming old town, and laidback atmosphere. The town has managed to retain its authentic Turkish character despite its growing popularity with international visitors.


With its blue flag beaches, mountain views, excellent restaurants, and relaxed lifestyle. It’s no wonder that property for sale in Kalkan has become increasingly desirable for foreign buyers looking for a home away from home in the Mediterranean. Let’s take a closer look at what the area has to offer.

Why Invest in Property for Sale in Kalkan?

There are several compelling reasons why purchasing property for sale in Kalkan makes sense both as an investment and as a place to spend time:

Property for sale in Kalkan

Appreciating Asset – Land and home values in Kalkan have risen steadily over the past decade and are projected to continue increasing as tourism to the region grows. Buying property now provides an opportunity to benefit from future appreciation.

Low Cost of Living – Compared to much of Europe and other international destinations. The cost of living in Kalkan is quite reasonable. Expenses like groceries, dining out, and hiring local labor are affordable.


Ideal Climate – Kalkan enjoys a mild, Mediterranean climate with long, hot summers and short, mild winters. Temperatures rarely drop below freezing, making it a pleasant place to spend winters.

Natural Beauty – The landscape surrounding Kalkan is stunning, with beaches, mountains, forests, and small villages dotted around. Property owners can enjoy breathtaking scenery year-round.

Laidback Vibe – Life moves at a slower, more relaxed pace in Kalkan. Stress melts away in the laidback atmosphere.

Strong Rental Potential – Rentals of vacation homes in Kalkan are in high demand, especially during the summer season. This provides an opportunity for owners to earn income from their property when not using it themselves.


Purchasing a home or piece of land with such desirable characteristics and investment potential is an attractive proposition. Let’s explore some of the property for sale in Kalkan that is currently available.

Sample Properties for Sale in Kalkan

Here are a few examples of the types of property for sale in Kalkan that can currently be found on the market:

Property for sale in Kalkan

Coastal Villa – $550,000

This three-bedroom villa is located just a five-minute walk from Kalkan’s beautiful Patara Beach. Situated on a 1,000m2 plot of land, the 250m2 home features spacious living areas. A large private pool and garden, and panoramic sea views. The modern design and prime beachfront location make this an ideal holiday home or rental investment.


Old Town Apartment – $250,000

For those seeking an authentic Kalkan experience, this two-bedroom apartment situated in the heart of the charming old town is a great option. Located above a line of shops with cafes and restaurants below. The 75m2 flat has been beautifully renovated while retaining traditional Turkish features like high ceilings and wooden beams. Perfect as a pied-à-terre or short-term rental.

Mountain Chalet – $150,000

Offering seclusion and spectacular views, this rustic chalet is nestled in the hills above Kalkan, accessible via a scenic 10-minute drive. Surrounded by pine forest, the 80m2 home has an open-plan living area, small kitchen, and two bedrooms. Large picture windows take in sweeping vistas of the Mediterranean coastline. Peaceful countryside living close to all amenities.


Development Plot – $80,000

For those looking to undertake a building project, this 800m2 plot of land located a 10-minute drive from Kalkan center presents an exciting opportunity. With road and utility connections already in place, plans could be submitted to construct a family villa, small hotel, or apartment complex (subject to permits). Great potential as a long-term investment.

This gives you a sense of the variety of property for sale in Kalkan currently on the market, from beachfront villas to apartments to rural land plots. Let’s explore in more detail what life is like living in Kalkan.

Life in Kalkan

Kalkan’s population swells significantly during the summer tourist season but maintains a quiet, relaxed atmosphere for most of the year. Local life centers around the charming old town area, where narrow stone streets are lined with shops, restaurants, and cafes. Strolling through the pedestrianized lanes, the enticing aromas of fresh seafood, wood-fired pizzas, and Turkish specialties will draw you into one of the many excellent eateries.

After a leisurely lunch, you might wander down to the beautiful Patara Beach for a dip in the azure waters or simply to relax with a book. In the evenings, grab an ice cream and stroll the harbor promenade as the sun dips below the mountains, painting the sky in vibrant hues. On weekends, the lively market sets up along the waterfront, selling local produce, crafts, and snacks.

While summers are hot, winters are mild, with daytime highs in the mid-60s Fahrenheit. This makes Kalkan an enjoyable place to while away the colder months, perhaps exploring the surrounding countryside on day trips. Hike through pine forests, visit nearby ancient sites like Patara and Xanthos, or sample local specialties in villages tucked into valleys and perched on hillsides.

Whether you’re looking for an active holiday exploring the natural beauty or simply relaxing with a book at an outdoor cafe, Kalkan’s laidback pace and charming atmosphere create an idyllic lifestyle. Purchasing property for sale in Kalkan allows you to participate in and benefit from this special community year-round.

Financing Your Kalkan Property Purchase

For buyers looking to invest in property in Turkey careful financial planning is necessary. Here are a few options to explore;

  • Paying in Cash; Opting for an all cash purchase can save you from interest charges and loan fees. For properties consider teaming up with friends or family.
  • Turkish Mortgages; While the interest rates are relatively higher, at 10 15% compared to global standards Turkish banks do offer mortgages to foreign purchasers with a minimum 20% down payment.
  • Foreign Bank Mortgages; You might be able to secure a mortgage from your local bank to buy property in Turkey depending on their lending policies and any associated costs.
  • Crowdfunding Opportunities; Platforms like Property Partner and Crowd Property allow investors to pool resources for property investments and earn a share of ownership and rental returns.
  • Seller Financing; In some cases motivated sellers may be willing to provide financing options spreading out the remaining balance, over an agreed upon timeframe.

With careful financial planning and research into your options, purchasing property for sale in Kalkan is very achievable even for international buyers. Realtors can also provide guidance on navigating the local process.

Ready to View Properties in Person?

If the lifestyle, investment potential, and sample properties discussed have piqued your interest in property for sale in Kalkan, the next step is to schedule a visit to see properties firsthand. Working with a trusted real estate agent comes recommended because they can;

Property for sale in Kalkan
  • Provide access, to property listings including exclusive off market opportunities
  • Offer personalized advice tailored to your unique requirements and financial constraints
  • Guide you through the home buying process and necessary paperwork
  • Schedule property viewings at times that suit your schedule
  • Assist with negotiations if required
  • Aid in handling paperwork and the closing process smoothly
  • Provide ongoing assistance and support even after the purchase is finalized

Although its possible to explore some properties independently having an agent on your side significantly streamlines the process. Their expertise and connections not make things easier. Also help bridge any cultural gaps, for international buyers.

Final Thought

Property for sale in Kalkan presents a truly unique opportunity for overseas buyers. Kalkan is a place, with a climate, stunning scenery and promising investment opportunities making it a sought after destination for expat residents seeking a fulfilling lifestyle. The showcased properties offer a sneak peek into the real estate options on offer. If you find yourself intrigued and eager to explore don’t hesitate to get in touch. I’d be delighted to help arrange viewings of the properties to assist you in discovering your dream, on the Turkish Riviera.

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